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The following services are offered:

Estimating and Cost Advice:
Estimates and cost advice during all stages of the development of a project.
Knowledge of building and construction economics enable us to provide reliable cost advice.

Cost Planning:
Clients want to know that they are receiving value for money. We not only do this with regard to capital cost but also in respect of the running and maintenance cost of the project.
Cost planning enables decisions on various design alternatives to be made with actual costs being constantly monitored against original budgets.

Property Development Advice:
We ensure that the building meets the financial dimensional and technological requirements for which it was designed, and meets the cost limits of the client's budget.
We provide pre-design feasibility studies involving technical and/or economic investigations thereby enabling a client to decide whether, and in what form, to proceed.

Advice on Tendering Procedures and Contractual Arrangement:
The choice of an appropriate form of contract for any given project will depend on the nature of the project, the circumstances under which the work is to be carried out and the particular needs of the client. We in collaboration with Architects are able to advise clients on the most advantageous procurement methods available including: contracts incorporating bills of quantities, provisional bills of quantities and schedules of rates.

Financial Control over Contracts

Valuation of Work in Progress

Cash Flow Budgets

Final Accounts in Respect of Contracts:
Our duty is essentially one of cost control. We measure and value work in progress, determine the value of variations ordered by the Architect or Engineer and ensure that a fair and equitable settlement of the cost of the project is reached in accordance with the contract conditions. In conjunction with the Architect and other consultants we will ensure that the financial provisions of the contract are properly interpreted and applied.

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Minor changes to definitions and explanatory notes have been published. Please note that the 2021 recommended hourly rates to be charged for Quantity Surveying Services (for the Private Sector only) for 2021 have been increased and are available online.

As a private practice, we are committed to professionalism by providing accurate, timeous service to our clients.


Welcome to our website. Since its establishment in 1995, C.F.M Herckenrath Quantity Surveyors has successfully participated in a number of high profile projects that has seen recognition and acclaim from our peers. From small beginings, we have quickly assembled the skills, resources and development philosophies to add significant value to our QS services, while also meeting the unique challenges of operating in contemporary South Africa.

C.F.M Herckenrath Quantity Surveyors, are confident that we are able to offer our clients exemplary expertise in the Quantity Surveying and Construction Project Management fields.

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